A Toast to Tiffany!

“Just a small town girl, living in a lonely blog world” — My hysterical attempt to blogging.

All About Me! February 26, 2008

me-and-mike-at-the-shore-small.jpg I finally got a blog!  My name is Tiffany, I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, but for the last 5 years have been living in Philadelphia with my husband, Mike.  I am a HUGE Steelers fan, and would love to move back home one day!  I LOVE to cook, travel ( especially to my fave place in the world … St John, USVI ) , and hang out with all my friends.  I am not a girl that likes to stay at home on a weekend – I live life to the fullest )


7 Responses to “All About Me!”

  1. Aunt Barb Says:

    This is sooo much fun, and you write like you talk……luv u

  2. Liz Says:

    Thanks for this GREAT blog and all the yummy recipes!!! I just stumbled on your blog while searching for “pan-seared brussell sprouts”….just made them and they are delish!

  3. Ali Bauer Says:

    Heeeey Tiff!
    So happy you are home! You are quite the chef! I am TRYING with the cooking thing! I’m thinking about a girls night one night that Jay works 24 hours : ) food and drinks…yummo!

  4. Mary Beth Kwecinski Says:

    Hey Tiffany!!!!

    I had NO idea that you loved to cook!!!!! I cannot believe that you made ALL of those recipes!!! Are you sure that you are the same Tiffany who used to think that cooking consisted of going to the refrigerator to open a can of Coke and microwave whatever leftovers Georgeann had in there?!?!?! Impressive Girlfriend!!!!

    Oh….I miss you ALOT!!!! I’m sooo happy for you and Mike! I wanted you to know that you are thought of often! I like to think about all of the crazy times that we had on Soles & Palmgreen! Well….some of those memories were pretty scary, too!

    We love Virginia, but miss The Burgh, too! Jamie & I went to the Steeler’s home opener last week and had a blast!!! I didn’t want to leave! I miss my family and friends alot! I miss my house, my pool, my yard…..but not so much the crime in McKeesport! It’s sooooooo nice here, everything is new, clean and people are really friendly. I love being a Nurse Midwife, too! Catching babies is a wild job with some insane hours, but it is fun! Melissa has been terribly sick this year. She had to move back home b/c she’s been in/out (but mostly in) the hospital for 9 months this year with diabetes & pancreatitis. Say a prayer for her….she needs it!

    Anyway, your new house looks beautiful! Your kitchen seems like it will suit all of your cooking needs! And way to go with ALL of the NKOTB stuff!!!! I, too have those retro 6 inch pins that were posted in the picture! And going to teir concert in Atlantic City…..is “The Right Stuff!” Have fun! Say hi to Joey-Joe for me!

    Well, I miss ya alot, and I hope that you had an awesome 30th birthday!!!!

    Mary Beth (Schmidt) Kwiecinski

  5. Kelly Says:

    Hey Tiff! You are amazing with all the cooking that you do! Everything looks so good! I have to hide this web-site from Brian or he will want me to cook everything!! LOL!!

  6. Donna McManigle Says:

    Hey Tif,

    Thanks so much for including me in the halloween pictures! I had a great time at your party and always do! I spent 2 hours reading all of your great recipes. I’ll just have to try that pierogie dough! I am a pierogie maker, but not a dough master! hehe….

    See you at the next party!

  7. April Murray Says:

    Tiffany! your blog looks fantastic and the recipes look delicious! I look forward to following you 🙂

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