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Ocean City , NJ trip! October 23, 2015

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We just made our annual OCNJ trip for Columbus Day weekend, and we actually had gorgeous weather from start to finish!!

The boys had SUCH a blast doing the boardwalk, beach, and their new fave sport.. Miniature Golfing!   The girls just had a blast being roommates again!  LOL

Max and Ryan had a BLAST playing with all their friends and cousins from Philly, and it was so nice to see our friends and my cousin that stopped down to see us!  Perfect weekend 🙂

2015 OCNJ9 2015 OCNH 2015 OCNJ 2 2015 OCNJ 3 2015 OCNJ 2015 OCNJ4 2015 OCNJ5 2015 OCNJ6 2015 OCNJ7 2015 OCNJ8


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