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White Chocolate Cinnamon Pretzels January 7, 2015

Filed under: Dessert — tiffanyrose913 @ 10:17 pm

If anyone really knows me, they know that I LOVE Christmas! I also LOVE making christmas cookies, and this is now become one of my staples! I make these every year for Max’s Teachers at Daycare, and they just flip over them! They taste like a delicious cinnamon roll – go make these now!


1 bag pretzels (16-18 oz.)

2/3 C. oil

1/3 C. sugar

1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 C. cinnamon-sugar for sprinkling

1 C. white chocolate chips (I use melts)


1. Whisk oil, sugar and cinnamon together in a large microwave proof bowl.

2. Add pretzels and stir until coated.

3. Microwave for 50 seconds, stir then microwave again for 40 seconds.

4. Dump out onto two cookie sheets covered in wax, parchment or aluminum foil.

5. While still hot, sprinkle generously with cinnamon-sugar mixture.

6. Let cool, then melt white chocolate chips and drizzle over pretzels.

Also a picture of Lila – my newest assistant in the kitchen ! 🙂

14-Lila Kitchen


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