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Christmas 2014 January 7, 2015

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Christmas is my most favorite time of year – and this year was just amazing! Xmas eve is the best night ever , in my opinion, and this year was no different! It was so fun to be off work, spend time with everyone you love – and especially with all the new little babies in the family this year – it was so awesome! Here are just some of the MANY pics I have ! My mom and the girls, Mike making his seven fishes, Lila in her xmas eve dress, Max on Christmas Morning, and of course the kids with SANTA, who made a very special appearance at my house xmas eve! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! 🙂

14-xmas eve 1

14-xmas eve 2

14-Xmas Eve 3

14-xmas eve 4

14-xmas eve 5

14-xmas eve 6


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