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Oktoberfest Pork with Dill Sauce November 1, 2014

Filed under: Pork — tiffanyrose913 @ 9:28 pm

Had to make this during october – and I will use any excuse to make spaetzel!! 🙂


1/2 cup all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons seasoned salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
2 eggs
1/4 cup 2% milk
1-1/2 cups dry bread crumbs
2 teaspoons paprika
6 pork sirloin cutlets (4 ounces each)
6 tablespoons canola oil
1/2 cup greek yogurt
Fresh Dill weed – to your taste

In a shallow bowl, mix flour, seasoned salt and pepper. In a second shallow bowl, whisk eggs and milk until blended. In a third bowl, mix bread crumbs and paprika.
Pound pork cutlets with a meat mallet to 1/4-in. thickness. Dip cutlets in flour mixture to coat both sides; shake off excess. Dip in egg mixture, then in crumb mixture, patting to help coating adhere.
In a large skillet, heat oil over medium heat. Add pork in batches; cook 2-3 minutes on each side or until golden brown.
Mix in a small bowl , fresh dill and greek yogurt. Dollup on Pork.


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