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NKOTB in Pittsburgh again! The package Tour!! :) July 9, 2013

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jordanYes, I know it is sooo hard to believe, but “the crew” went to yet another NKOTB concert in June at the Consol, and I must say it was the best one yet! And I have been to 13!! LOL From our NKOTB pre game party, to our wonderful limo ride, to the nonstop NKOTB jukebox going on at Shale’s Bar – it was an absolute blast ! And of course , the original crew from 1989 was in full effect ! 🙂

Oh, and did I say that our seats were phenomenal? Oh yes, there is Jordan up there, almost like he was singing to just the 4 of us… 🙂
nkotb 3

nkotb 1


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