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Spicy Turkey Rollups February 4, 2013

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turkey rollups

If there is one appetizer that I love to make, and love to eat, it is turkey rollups! I always make the normal version, which is also on this blog, but I wanted to try something different for the penguin season opener, so this came to me on a drive home from Max’s daycare LOL. Here also is a pic of the girls enjoying a sunny and warm January day while watching the Pens beat the Flyers!
There really isn’t a recipe, but it tastes like an awesome spicy turkey hoagie – I loved it!

1 8oz cream cheese
1/4 cup chopped onions
1/3 cup banana peppers
1 pound santa fe turkey
1/2 pound white american cheese
package of tortillas

In food processor, combine onion, banana pepper, and cream cheese together until smooth. Spread on tortilla, then on one half layer turkey and cheese. Rollup and and refridgerate for a couple hours. Cut into pin wheels – voila!


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