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Fish Trap’s Coconut Lemonade June 2, 2009

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004 (Small)Another St John Post – I know… I am obsessed! At The Fish Trap Restaraunt in St John, they make this delicious, refreshing drink with Cruzan Coconut Rum and Lemonade.  It is so good, it doesn’t taste like it has any alcohol in it at all – but it packs a STRONG punch! Just ask my neighbors who had to hear me, my sister and cousin dancing and singing like Lady Gaga and Beyonce on my deck after the Pens Game! LOL  I added Raspberry Vodka in it as well, and it was sooo delicious! My measurements are not exact as I used my Margaritaville Maker.  Fill up container with half Crystal Light Lemonade.  Then add 1/2 cup coconut rum and 1/2 cup raspberry vodka.  Enjoy and then dance around!


2 Responses to “Fish Trap’s Coconut Lemonade”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Man that sounds truly wonderful!

  2. Andrea Says:

    don’t forget there is the frozen version too! I think you and I made it with concentrated frozen lemonade, ice and coconut rummmmmmmmmm! Ahhhh takes me back!

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