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Day After Thanksgiving Panini’s December 2, 2008

Filed under: Sandwiches — tiffanyrose913 @ 6:00 pm

turkey-paniniMike absolutely LOVES this sandwich , so I decided to make it into a Panini this year for a new twist!  It was sooooo yummy, and it uses up all your leftovers!

1 loaf olive oil bread

Left over Turkey Breast

Left over Stuffing

Left over gravy

Left over cranberry sauce

Provolone Cheese – ( this sandwich calls for Mayo, but I thought the cheese would be so much better on a hot panini – – – it was!! )

Butter both sides of bread that will be on the panini press.  Starting from the bottom up – add Turkey, Cheese, Stuffing, Gravy – and then spread Cranberry sauce on the top of the bread.  Smoosh together and place on panini press – wait for about 3-4 minutes and Voila!  Thanksgiving dinner in a sandwich!


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