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Pesto Flank Steak with tomato mozzerella salad March 11, 2008

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This was a lazy sunday meal – I had flank steak that I wanted to use, along with some tomatoes.  I knew I had a TON of pesto that I froze from the week before, so I figured why not put them all together?? The pesto and the steak were sooo good together!  I paired it with pan seared brussel sprouts ( my obsession ) , and some pasta with garlic, olive oil, and Parm Reggiano.

Flank Steak ( marinated in italian dressing and garlic powder)

Grape tomatoes cut in half

Cubes of fresh mozz

Pesto Sauce ( pine nuts, parm reggiano, oo, salt, pepper, basil, and squeeze of lemon juice )

Grill Flank steak – let sit to let juices re-distribute.  Cut against the grain of the steak.  Spread on pesto generously.  Top with Fresh Mozz and Grape Tomatoes!  Nothing easier than that!!


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